Carer Skills Passport in action

Take a look at what we have been getting up to!

The Carer Skills Passport team is working hard to ensure quality of life and participation for children and young people with complex long term conditions and their families. We are doing this by implementing the Carer Skills Passport to deliver care that is
• Safe and effective
• Personalised
• Transferable across care settings

The carer Skills Passport works by
1. Training parents, paid carers and unpaid carers to the same standards
2. Training parents, paid carers and unpaid carers side by side
3. Using a website-based passport system to make training transferrable across care settings

Here are some of our recent activities

Atrium Event

The Carer Skills Passport , 10 Steps Transition and parent voices count engagement event on 26th September 2017 At Alder Hey in the Atrium

What Good looks like

Our design workshop at Redbridge high school gave us a very good and interesting insight into what does good training look like for the Carer Skills Passport! with thanks for all involved and to for hosting

Haelo Site Visit

Carer Skills Passport

Away Day

The focus of today’s workshops is to take stock of the CSP and some of its key components and identify some solutions for its delivery, going forward.

Carer Skills Passport

resuscitation and breathing Training Day

  • resuscitation
  • breathing care skills like suction, oxygen and nebulisers