About the Carer Skills Passport

The Carer Skills Passport is a way of ensuring that children and young people with complex long term conditions receive the same standards of safe, effective, evidence based, care wherever they are being cared for.

The Carer Skills Passport provides parents, paid or unpaid carers with access to standardised care skills training and regular training updates. Training and competency assessments are transferable across care settings and documented in parent, paid or unpaid carer’s Carer Skills Passport.

The Carer Skills Passport was developed by Lynda Brook and Jennifer Bayliss through the work of the Transition Team at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.  Ongoing development of the Carer Skills Passport continues with the support of Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and our key partners Aintree NHS Foundation Trust and Edge Hill University.

Development and piloting of the Carer Skills Passport is funded by the Health Foundation following initial funding from NHS Health Education Northwest

The Carer Skills Passport Project Team is accountable to the Carer Skills Passport Steering Group.   The Steering Group comprises relevant subject matter experts, expert parents and expert patients, together with representatives from key stakeholders, service users, funding bodies and the project team.

Updated: Oct 12, 2018 @ 11:17 am